My connection to Scampi


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I chose to make a shrimp scampi as my meal to prepare just because of my love for shellfish. With the help from my dad, we created very tasty scampi that I would love to remake for my friends or family. I am allergic to fish, but not shellfish, which I know is very strange and not the norm. So since I have this allergy, my dad and I have mastered some shell food dishes, but have never tried shrimp scampi, so we used this assignment as a time to learn a new dish that I am able to make on my own while I am at school, as well as a time to try something new. We chose to make the scampi because we thought that it will be simple enough for a horrible cook, like me, to manage, but also difficult enough of a meal for people to be proud of me for making.

I have tried it at multiple restaurants, and have really enjoyed the way it tasted. One problem that I have encountered with my allergy is that restaurants seem to add in other fish than just shellfish, so I have not been able to try all the dishes that I wish I could have. Scampi has intrigued me because of the lemon taste that explodes throughout my mouth when I eat it, along with the juicy noodles, instead of being creaming with thick sauce like other pastas. When I order scampi, I usually ask for an extra side of lemon to add in myself, just to make the lemon flavor pop more; in my eyes, more lemon, more taste.


Usually, scampi is served with linguini noodles, but I prefer angel hair pasta, so my dad and I decided to find a recipe with angel hair pasta noodles instead. In doing this, I found that liked it way better without the linguini and from now on, I will always make my scampi with angel hair noodles. Switching the noodles from the thick linguini to the small and thin angel hair made the whole meal a little lighter and less dense, which I prefer.

Making this meal, has made me feel a little bit more comfortable as a chef and I am happy to say that I can now make a meal for the ones that I love and I enjoy on my own. I am happy to say that I can successfully prepare another meal.



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