Problems making Scampi


When making the shrimp scampi, I thought I was going to run into a ton of problems, but luckily I seemed to be able to conquer this meal pretty well. I tried to strategize and make sure that the first time I made this dish was with my dad, just in case I ran into and problems he was there to rescue me. The first time I made the scampi, one problem my dad and I came across was that we did not understand the cooking terms. The recipe called for a half of lemon “zested” which I wasn’t exactly sure what this was. After looking it up on the internet, I realized that I was correct and actually knew that zesting a lemon required grating the outside peal of the lemon, but I was glad that I double checked because I would have been very upset if that ruined my entire recipe. After my dad and I looked over what the dish called for and understood all the terms, we started cooking the meal.


The second problem that we came across while cooking was that my dad and I did not time the cooking process as well as we planned. We were supposed to start cooking the pasta earlier because it took the longest to cook, which made us stall the other processes. The recipe was very detailed and explained well how to time cooking it, we just did not follow correctly. It was stressful at the time, but in the end, everything ended well and the meal tasted good. I was honestly surprised that I did not run into more complications and proud that I was able to successfully complete this meal.


The second time I made scampi was when I was back at school and did not have my dad’s help so I was a little more afraid that this meal was not going to be as good. This time I made this recipe for my friend Jasmine and my roommate Vanessa. The biggest difference with this recipe compared to the first one is the amount of garlic, which i thought gave the meal more taste. This recipe was also easier to follow and did not have specific time restraints, which i think was a big reason this meal was easier for me to make. One problem that I encountered was that I had to buy a lot more to prepare the meal because I did not just have all these ingredients in my apartment because I have never needed to cook something this complicated and never needed to follow a recipe. I was really stupid though because I should have found a recipe before I left home because I could have brought most of the ingredients since the recipe that I chose to prepare called for most of the same ingredients, so I wasted a lot of money re buying. The hardest thing I had to tackle was finding some way to get wine because I did not bring the wine from home. It took a while finding someone that was 21 to buy it for me, but a friend of a friend came through and helped me out. I did not have many other problems with this recipe because it was way simpler than the one I made with my dad. I would say that the only problem that I had when actually cooking the meal was mixing the pasta and the shrimp all together because there was so much in the pan. It was hard to keep it all in there while also mixing it well.

I was honestly surprised because I actually enjoyed the scampi that I made on my own more than the first one, with my dad’s help. This made me feel really good about myself and made me more confident as a cook because I did not need anyone’s assistance.


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